Band Booster Club

Booster Club Mission Statement

The mission of the Lobo Band Booster Club is to continually support the students, directors, and families of the Langham Creek High School Band in their goal to achieve the highest standards of music education and music performance; facilitate the musical enrichment of the student membership of Langham Creek High School and its feeder schools; promote the place and value of music in our community and the significant role music plays in the cultural, intellectual, and social lives of our children; and foster fellowship and goodwill among its members and provide its members with opportunities for personal growth and leadership. The board consists of parent volunteers committed to the success of the Langham Creek Band and Color Guard.

Board Members


Monica Beishir

Vice President

Guy Fairbairn


Liz Porrier


Monica Beltran & Jennifer Walls

Social Media

Pam Nunez

Head Chaperone

Melissa Fairbairn


Jennifer Henry

Color Guard Liasion

Jennifer Nelson

Equipment/Prop Liaison

Justin Prindle


Pat Metcalf


Pat Metcalf

Game Day Meals

Janine Zener