SmartMusic is a computer program designed to help our students practice and receive immediate feedback about their playing. Students can practice with a background accompaniment and get visual and audio feedback on each assignment, which makes practice more meaningful and productive. It motivates students to continue practicing in order to improve their scores, similar to a video game. As directors, we can provide more individualized attention for your child, helping them continue to grow. You can learn about the program by visiting but below is a brief overview of some of the key points:

  • SmartMusic is a web-based program. This means you will not need to install any software or update any apps. It works through any Google chrome browser as well as on an iPad.
  • EVERY student will have a basic subscription to SmartMusic to allow them to take their playing tests. You will have the option of purchasing the full version to give them access to their band book, other music, etc. If you have multiple students in band, they can share a subscription to save you money.
  • In addition to being used for playing test, SmartMusic contains their band book as well as thousands of other songs students can play to get better at their instrument!
Purchasing a Subscription

** Due to the unprecedented number of schools moving to online learning, Smart Music has temporarily given free access to all music on student accounts. This means that you can access any piece of music in their catalog for free. If you haven't logged in to Smart Music in a while, you may want to try exploring some of the content and using this as a tool for practicing. 

There are two subscription options/costs. Every student MUST choose one of these options:

  • OPTION 1: Basic version (cost: $8 for a 1-year subscription) – This will give your child access to only things we assign (playing tests and extra credit)
  • OPTION 2: Full Version (cost: $12 for a 1-year subscription) – This will give your child access to all assignments and the full SmartMusic library, including their band book, our sheet music, additional exercises, etc. We highly recommend this option. 
Before setting up your Smartmusic account and getting started, please be aware that all students must have parental permission to use Smartmusic and a parent must assist in the creation of the account. Any email registered with Smartmusic must be that of a parent or legal guardian.

Have Multiple Students in Band?

Students from the same family can share a SmartMusic account. If you already purchased a subscription for an older child, you don't have to buy one for the younger child (unless you want to). 

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What is Smart Music?

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