Encourage hands in participating during band events. 

Promote student band involvement and development.

Create engaging and motivating fundraising events.

Band booster clubs have the primary purpose of collecting funds that can be used to keep band programs within schools running. However, bands and music programs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. With multiple groups operating within the same department, such as pep bands, marching bands, color guard, and more. You’ll need to be able to separate and acknowledge the needs of every activity operating within the band program. Band booster clubs are an invaluable resource for students, parents, and administration alike who invest their time and energy in the school band department. Being aware of your duties as a booster club is crucial in being able to raise funds for your band department!

School booster clubs are also invaluable in supporting the students who invest their time and energy in the school’s music program. If students are able to find booster clubs that support their activities, they’ll be able to feel as if they have a support system that is genuinely committed to the success of their band programs. Of course, parents also need to be able to find booster clubs aimed towards their children’s extracurricular activities. The parents of band members play a huge role in creating a successful club, from becoming engaged in the band booster clubs’ activities and fundraising events to donating their own money to support the cause. Knowing how to integrate both the parents and the students themselves into the activities of the music booster club will help you run a successful program!

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